Sled Dog Rescue LogoWith winds of up to 130mph predicted for this past Thursday, March 8th and Friday, March 9th Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel was forced to reschedule their Mount Washington summit attempt via the Auto Road being held to support & bring awareness to the new non-profit New Hampshire Sled Dog Rescue, History and Education Center for Wednesday, March 14th.  “With the added responsibility of sled dogs summitting along with the mushers, we have to be even more aware of keeping our ascent as safe as possible. While there is an inherent risk in dogsledding and in being on Mount Washington at all times, we need to choose a date to attempt the summit that is as safe as possible, these dogs are like family to us” stated Karen Tolin, partner in Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel.
Hopes are high for this event as it is not every day the rescue and second chance canine athletes and mushers are given the opportunity to become the first to summit Mount Washington by dog sled in the winter. What makes it even more exciting is that accompanying two of the mushers to tree line are granddaughter and great granddaughter of Florence Clark – the first woman to summit Mount Washington via dog sled in 1932. Travelling with musher Chase Tingle and summit dog team, is the Auto Road’s very own Steven Caming who holds the unofficial record for going up the Auto Road in the most unique ways. “This is will be last possible date the sled dog teams will attempt to summit Mount Washington this winter, thus fingers and paws are crossed for safe weather conditions for dogs & guests.” Karen Tolin shared. “We hope that those out there following our updates, training and goal of summitting understand the importance of choosing a safe date and that many of them will be there for the take off at 9AM Wednesday morning to cheer on the dogs! These dogs thrive when surrounded by friendly, excited participants.”
For more information surrounding this event or the New Hampshire Sled Dog Rescue, History and Education Center please feel free to reach out to Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel via email: or via phone at 1-603-545-4533.  Last minute event updates and weather conditions will also be available via or the nonprofit website