Teaching Steve to “Mush”

Steve Caming on a Tag Sled

A special part of our upcoming summit (Want to go along? Check out Auction #1 & Auction # 2) is the presence of Steven Caming in Chase’s dogsled. Steve works in marketing for the Mount Washington Auto Road. It seems like only yesterday (though it was many months ago now) Muddy Paw staff was sitting around a table proposing our ascent to Steve and Howie Wemyss the General Manager. Steve has been up the Auto Road in every way imaginable, in a horse drawn carriage, driving a car backwards, etc. so it only made sense to have him along in the dogsled that would attempt to summit. The next problem was how…

So many options: In the sled, driving a tag sled, or utilizing a double-driver. A couple evenings ago, Chase Tingle and Steve got together to practice on some challenging trails with a tag sled. A tag sled is when you attach a “chase” sled via ropes to the lead sled. There are no dogs between the main sled and the tag sled. The guest driver of a tag sled has to mimic the motions of the lead musher and learn how to steer/brake in varied terrain & elevation! Check out this gallery of the photos below that resulted from their practice run! As Steve put it after the 20 mile escapade, it’s a “Steep Learning Curve… literally” :)

The jury is still deliberating on the final choice of dogsled set up for the big day. Check back for more pre-summit training updates.

Our treeline dogsledding auctions have 24 hours left:
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Thinking of doing some dogsledding, but not quite ready to take a ride up the Auto Road? Join us at Muddy Paw for dogsledding any day of the week!